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Speed reading is a key to success

Do you want to spend more time in leisure? To earn more money? To be more successful? It is possible for you.
You have a large reserve of time.
Where is it? Let's try to find.

The simple way to get some extra free is to increase reading efficiency. We have a powerful tool that will help you to do it - speed reading software Best Reader.
How much time will you save? It depends on your life style.
Let's look at the statistics (The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor. American Time Use Survey. Table 11. Time spent in leisure and sports activities for the civilian population by selected characteristics, 2012 annual averages.):

  • Average time spent in reading in 2012 is 120 hours and 18 minutes per capita (111 hours and 03 minutes in 2010).
  • Top reading speed for traditional reading is about 150 words (900 characters) per minute.
  • The slowest reading speed after speed reading course with Best Reader is 475 words (2849 characters) per minute, in other words you will read 3.167 or more times faster.
  • After studies with Best Reader you will read the same volume for 37 hours and 59 minutes or less (35 hours and 4 minutes in 2010).
  • You'll save at least 82 hours and 19 minutes of your time per year (compare to 75 hours and 59 minutes in 2010).

You will free about 82 hours. You can spend this time for anything you want - for earning extra money, hobby, relaxing, family, friends, etc.

Are you still thinking?

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Regular practice with Best Reader will help you to:

  • increase reading speed up to 10 times;
  • improve reading comprehension;
  • boost your IQ;
  • noticeably widen your field of sight;
  • enhance your memory;
  • develop your attention;
  • reduce your eye fixation time;
  • overcome bad reading habits (articulation and back-skipping);
  • assess your current level of reading technique;
  • read any text in .TXT or .RTF format with suitable speed up to 10000 characters per minute (you can use our software as a productivity tool).

Learn speed reading in two weeks!

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