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System of speed reading exercises

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The speed reading software Best Reader's program of exercises is intended to cover a 10 to 15 day period of time. However, it is recommended to repeat the exercises from time to time in order to maintain the level of efficiency initially attained.
The system of speed reading exercises includes the performance of exercises with the speed reading software and the reading of additional literature. The time spent performing speed reading exercises on the computer and the time spent reading additional literature must be divided fifty-fifty. The aggregate amount of time spent studying must take one to two hours.

All computer exercises are divided into two groups:

  1. Exercises for development of speed reading skills.
  2. Exercises for development of the field of sight.

The balance of time between these two types of exercises must take into account the user's need to development both of these skills.


  1. At the beginning of this program of study, the eyes will quickly get tired and the exercises will seem to be tiresome. By the second lesson, these sensations will go away. Be patient and you'll achieve excellent results.

  2. Don't skip lessons! This can reduce your previous gains to zero.

Speed reading skills development.

Reading the text

A column of gray text is displayed in the document window. The width of the column can be changed with the "Format Line". By moving the pointer over the text, you can choose a place where you want to begin reading. After clicking the "Play" button, a black frame begins to move over the text. The width of the area allocated for reading depends on the width established in the "Width of reading field" box. The speed at which the allocated area moves over the text depends on the speed established in the "Speed Regulator" box. The program will play the text in its entirety according the speed and width set at the beginning of the process.

Reading the text.

For the successful development of speed reading skills, read the text while fixing your sight on the center of the allocated area.

Features of the exercise in the usual reading mode

For exercising the user can load the text from any file with extensions *.txt and *.rtf.

Features of the exercise in the test mode

At the end of the exercise, the document window clears and a form with test questions is displayed on the screen. After answering questions, the user gets the results of the test.

The field of sight development.

Widening the width of the field of sight

To start the exercise, click the "Play" button. After starting the exercise, a pair of two-digit numbers will appear in the field of vision test line. The numbers will continually vary. The speed of change depends on the speed established in the "Speed Regulator" box. The width of a test line depends on the width established in the "Width of reading area" box or by directly changing the position of the borders of the line.

Widening the width of the field of sight.

For successful development of the field of sight, it is necessary to look at the marker in the center of the "Test Line" while observing changes in the line with your peripheral sight.
After the exercise is finished, the changes in the line will stop. Then a form with test questions appears on the screen, where the user must reproduce the last pair of numbers. After inputting four figures, the user can see the result of the test. If the answer is wrong, it is necessary either to reduce the width of the reading area or to reduce the speed. According to the results, the user will receive recommendations that appear in the status bar.
This exercise will enable the user not only to estimate the level of speed reading skills and the width of peripheral sight but also to adjust the parameters of other exercises. Furthermore, testing the width of the field of vision is a good exercise for strengthening peripheral sight.

Reading the Schulte tables

A table of numbers is displayed on the screen. The computer competes with you in speed reading a set of numbers in the table. The numbers that the computer has counted will be enclosed by asterisk "*" symbols. Your task is to outpace the computer.

Reading the tables.

For successful development of the field of sight, it is necessary to look at the center of the table, and to read the numbers using peripheral sight.

Features of exercise in a test mode

A form with test questions is displayed on the screen, and the user must reproduce numbers that are enclosed by "Xs". After inputting the numbers, the program tells the result of the test to the user.

Reading the additional literature

Before the beginning exercises for the development speed reading skills, select the additional literature. It can be from various newspapers and magazines. When selecting the literature, take into account a variety of widths of columns. The total volume should not be less than 325 pages with each page containing 2500 symbols per page (this is the size of a typical page in a book).
For each lesson, select literature with a column that is as close as possible to the width of your field of vision. Try to use the new skills that you have acquired while reading the literature.
This will help you to reinforce the results of the computer training.

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