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How to...

  1. How to buy the software.
  2. Quick start.
  3. Setting the text column width.
  4. Setting the width of the field of sight.

1.How to buy the software

  1. Download a trial version of Best Reader.
  2. Setup the software and try it.
  3. Select ordering option and purchase a registration code.
  4. In 24 hours after your order confirmation you will receive an e-mail with a registration code.
  5. Run Best Reader and click Registration button.

    Registration button

  6. Fill the registration form with your first name, your last name and a registration code provided to you and click OK.

    Registration form

  7. Learn speed reading.

2.Quick Start

For quick start follow the Assistant's tips.

The Assistant's tips

The Assistant is run automatically. To disable the Assistant's launch, close its window. To enable, click its button.

Quick start. Run the Assistant

The Assistant tests you and assesses your current level of speed reading technique. After testing The Assistant gives you speed reading exercises according to program.
To help you to understand the software interface the Assistant shows the markers for the parameters to be set.


If you set a parameter correctly, its marker will disappear.
When you finished the lesson (the exercise progress bar reaches its end) you will perform a test to assess your speed reading technique again. According to obtained results you will pass to next level or not.

If you wish to select speed reading exercises at your discretion, disable The Assistant and set exercise parameters manually.

3.Setting the text column width

To set the width of text column drag one of column borders above the text.

Set a text column width

4.Setting the width of the field of sight

The width of the field of sight determines how much words will be highlighted at once. This parameter cannot exceed the column text width. To set the width of field of sight use arrows.

Set a width of field of sight

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